castles, vineyards & culture

Day 1:  Frankfurt - Rüdesheim



Arrival in Frankfurt Airport and drive to Rüdesheim.


Rüdesheim lies at the foot of the Niederwald on the Rhine's right (east) bank on the southern approach to the Lorelei. The town belongs to the Frankfurt Rhine Main Region and is one of Germany's biggest tourist attractions. Only Cologne Cathedral draws more tourists from other countries. Making the town worth visiting is, not only the wine or even the Old Town itself, but also the picturesque Rheingau landscape together with the romantic Rhine.


Day 2:   rüdesheim - koblenz




Breakfast at the hotel. 

Follow the Rhine Valley and enjoy the view on beautiful castles, picturesque villages, vineyards stretching along on both river banks and see the legendary Lorelei Rock.

Overnight in Koblenz.

Day 3: koblenz


Not only is Koblenz one of the oldest cities in Germany, it is also one of the most diverse: Churches, castles, palaces and historic townhouses tell of times gone by, winding streets and squares invite you to take a stroll and stay a while.


A number of museums which offer a broad spectrum of topics from the French art of the 20th century to archaeological finds from different eras or an interactive journey into the world of Rhine Romanticism.


Germany’s first tri-cable car promises a breathtaking trip over the Rhine and up to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, the second largest intact fortress in Europe, and also offers an incomparable view of the UNESCO “Upper Middle Rhine Valley” world heritage site. 

Discover all the facets of the city on the Rhine and Moselle!


Overnight in Koblenz. 

DAY 4: koblenz - cochem


Breakfast at the hotel. 

Follow the magnificent landscape of the Moselle Valley with its Roman ruins, castle-dotted shores, vineyards and medieval towns. Climb Cochem castle where you have an impressive view from atop.


The Imperial Castle in Cochem is more than just a castle! The old walls, which throne majestically over the Mosel River valley, are an invitation for every history and culture enthusiast to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in one the highest hill castles on the Mosel river. The medieval castle, which was heavily damaged while in the possession of the electoral princes of Trier during a war of succession, was bought and lovingly restored in the neo-gothic style associated with German castle romanticism in the 19th century by the Counselor of Commerce Louis Ravené. Guests will be delighted by the impressive interiors of rooms such as the Knight’s Hall, the Dining Hall, the Trophy Room and the Bower.


Overnight in Cochem area. 

day 5: cochem - trier


Breakfast at the hotel. 

Continue your drive along the Moselle and enjoy a day in an exceptional cultural landscape full of vineyards, villages and towns with architectural treasures, narrow streets and medieval flair. Your next stop is Trier. Overnight in Trier.

Day 6: Trier


Breakfast at the hotel. 


In 2009, Trier celebrated its 2025th birthday and its uninterrupted tradition of urban living since 17 BC. The founding date is derived from the age of the wooden pilings of the first Moselle bridge found in the mud of the river. Through a comparison of the annual growth rings (dendrochronology), the date when the trees for the pilings were felled was determined to be 17 BC.


In its eventful history, Trier has served, among other purposes, as the seat of government for the Western Roman Empire; in the Middle Ages, it received the name “holy city”; it has survived many wars as a border city between Germany and France, and is today a university city in the heart of Europe.


Start a guided walking tour through Germany's oldest city and see the well-preserved Porta Nigra, the Main Market, Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady. Afternoon at leisure. Overnight in Trier.

day 7: Trier - Mainz


Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Mainz.


Roman legionnaires, animals of primeval times, artists and musicians, and the inventor Gutenberg – they have all left their traces in Mainz. Museums and universities offer background knowledge. Explore Mainz!


With Johannes Gutenberg – the greatest son of the city, inventor of the printing press with moveable type, who has been named “Man of the Millennium”, a new age began – and not just in Mainz. More than one hundred years ago, a whole museum was dedicated to him.



At the Gutenberg Museum, you can admire two of Gutenberg's famous bibles, the first printed books in the world.


Get to know the city during a tour through the city’s history from its beginnings until today: the Roman period, the Cathedral, the Old Town and the modern Mainz city center. In the evening you will have dinner in a traditional wine tavern. Overnight in Mainz. 

day 8: Frankfurt


Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Frankfurt, t the most international city in Germany, the largest financial centre on the continent, the historical city of coronations, the city of Goethe and the Frankfurt School… In brief, to the smallest metropolis in the world, in which there is a lot to discover at close hand. 


Departure to your next destination!

Costs and Services included


Package price per person in double room from EUR 698,--

Package price per person in single room from EUR 986,--


• 1 x Overnight in a 3/4* hotel in Rüdesheim

• 2 x Overnight in a 3/4* hotel in Koblenz 

• 1 x Overnight in 3/4* hotel in Cochem area 

• 2 x Overnight in a 3/4* hotel in Trier

• 1 x Overnight in a 3/4* hotel in Mainz

• 7 x Continental breakfast buffet at the hotels

• 1x Return cable car ride Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

• 1x Entrance fee at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

• 1x City walking tour in Trier

• 1x City walking tour in Mainz (English tour only on Saturdays) 

• 1x Dinner including wine samples & bottle of water in a 

  traditional wine tavern or restaurant in Mainz region


Costs not included

  •   Transportation
  •   Gratuities