Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein

 and offers a variety of events and attractions.

for instance:

  • Old bridge over the Rhine in Vaduz - The "Alte Rheinbrücke" is a covered wooden bridge linking the municipalities of Vaduz and Sevelen. Measuring 135 metres in length, it was completed in 1901 and is today the only remaining wooden bridge spanning the Rhine.
  • Parish Church „Cathedral“ St. Florin - Although the first documentary evidence was recorded in a rental-roll of the chapter of the Cathedral in Chur around 1375, it may be assumed that the initial stages of the Chapel of St. Florin date back to the last quarter of the first centuries.
  • Vaduz Castle -  lies on a hillside 120 metres above Vaduz. It is the symbol of the capital and can be seen from far away. It is thought that the castle was constructed as a fortress as early as the 12th century, before living quarters were added in 1287. Vaduz Castle is first mentioned in documents dating back to 1322.
  • Princely theatre - Vaduz  offers a very special experience. Old cinema charm meets state-of-the-art cinema LED-technology and offers unseen insights behind the scenes of Vaduz Castle.

Liechtenstein enjoys a position in the heart of Europe on the banks of the Rhine between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It takes only an hour by car to reach the city of Zurich and its international airport. Business meetings in Munich and shopping trips in Milan are just a two-hour drive away.


Despite its small size, Liechtenstein is a very attractive location in the heart of Europe on the banks of the Rhine between Switzerland and Austria. Excellent transport connections with both of these countries make it easy to get to Liechtenstein